About Us

Once you decide to embark on the journey to create personal wealth, consider us your personal guides and friends who will assist you at every step in this journey.

One question that might have flashed across your minds is Why WizWealth Finance? What is so special about us as mortgage brokers when the world outside your living room is full of mortgage brokers. If you consider the field of our work, perhaps there resume writer isn’t any difference, but if you consider our approach to work, there lies all the difference. For mortgage brokers out there, helping you is their profession whereas for us, helping you is our passion. We are a team of professionals in the fields of Finance and Information Technology, whose passion for Real Estate and Financial Services has made them pursue a career in the Mortgage market.


Thus, personal experience coupled with keen market insight into intelligent lending structures and risk management strategies sets us apart from many mortgage brokers in the market.

We, at WizWealth Finance are driven by our vision to help you by understanding your present financial circumstances and your future investment goals, and by bridging the gap between these two through right information and right decisions.



Mortgage brokers out there have learned the nuances of this trade by training or education, whereas we have acquired a keen understanding of this trade through our own personal experiences. It is through our own stints with applying for loans that we she said have come to understand the best practices of mortgage industry. We endeavor to bring these best practices to your assistance when you embark on your journey to build personal wealth or to achieve investment goals.