Bad Credit Loans

We acknowledge that each person's unique circumstances vary, which is why we have lenders on the panel that maintain an adaptable approach. These lenders take a non-traditional approach when assessing your scenario and take into account factors beyond your credit score, which is why we may say yes, when the other mainstream lenders say no. Get in touch with us today to understand the options that may be available to you despite having an adverse financial incident.

High LVR (Loan to Value Ratio)

Options that allow  you to borrow upto 95% 

Self Employed Options

Policies suitable for self employed clients 

Low Credit

Suitable for applicants with low credit score to get through the challenging times until get things back on track.

Alt/Low Doc Options

Solutions that rely on non-tradional income documentation. BAS/Accountant letters/ Bank Statements acceptable as income evidence.

Fixed/Variable Rates

Both Fixed and Variable rate options available to suit your product preference

Refinance Deals

Products available to refinance personal high interest rate debts to improve cashflow.

The first thing you should do is speak to one of our specialist and define the exact issue with the chronology of events that has lead to the situation. Our partners that offer Credit Repair services have helped thousands of Australians reshape their financial futures. They pride themselves on a high success rate, a commitment to ethical services, and a clear policy and can provide an honest upfront opinion on the possibility of a fix based on your given situation.

If your credit report errors are minor, such as incorrect personal details, you can often make corrections yourself. However, when it comes to more complex disputes, the expertise of a professional can make a significant difference

True credit repair requires thorough work and negotiation, something that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Listed below are they key traits that a Credit Repair team brings to the table

  • Expertise in credit legislation.
  • Meticulous investigation into potential default removal.
  • Honest upfront opinion regarding the possibility of a positive outcome.

The cost would depend on the type of impact on the credit file, however the team is committed to provided an affordable service with an approach of no charge without successful results.