Land Banking

If you’re a property developer seeking to broaden your portfolio by taking advantage of land banking, our lending experts can assist you with a competitive solution. We collaborate closely with you to customize loan interest rates, loan-to-value ratios (LVRs), terms, and serviceability criteria to align precisely with your needs. See below some of the reasons why our clients love us for their Land Banking loan needs.

No Doc Loans

Products that are funded without any income requirements

Reliable Terms

Solutions that offer 12 to 36 month terms to for executing a subdivision project

Quick Turn Around

Lenders that offer approval within days for urgent settlements

Hight LVRs

Our panels offer industry leading Loan to Value ratios to help you maximise the investment potential

Experienced Team

We have over 20 years of combined investment experience in the management team

Competitive Rates

With a range of Private Lenders on our panel, we ensure you get the most competitive interest rates

Top 5 reasons why investors do Land Banking?

  • Investment Diversification - To diversify an investment portfolio effectively, investors incorporate land banking into their strategy. This addition of land to the investment mix has the potential to improve the overall performance of the portfolio.
  • Appreciation Over Time - Land banking entails the acquisition of undeveloped land in areas with significant growth potential. Over the course of time, as the surrounding region experiences development and the demand for land rises, the value of the land held in the land bank can appreciate considerably.
  • Control Over Development - Through land banking, investors gain control over the development of the acquired land. By obtaining development approvals and permits, investors can shape the nature and scale of the development that occurs.
  • Long Term Investment - For those seeking enduring investment prospects, land banking presents an ideal option. Investors with the patience and financial stability to hold onto the land for an extended period can potentially benefit from substantial long-term value appreciation.
  • Strategic Buying - Investors can strategically position themselves for future development opportunities by securing substantial land holdings in key locations through land banking. This strategic positioning may lead to valuable partnerships or attractive opportunities for selling the land.

Top 5 areas to be mindful when getting in Land Banking?

  • Financing Options and TermsEvaluate the financing options available for land banking upfront. Traditional lenders, private lenders, and even specialised land banks may offer different terms and interest rates. Understand the terms, down payment requirements, and interest rates upfront
  • Creditworthiness and Financial Stability:  Lenders will need to know your creditworthiness and financial stability even for a No Doc loan through a private lender. Discuss your personal and business finances with one of our specialists before starting the process
  • Land Zoning and Approvals: Investigate the zoning regulations and land-use policies in the area where you plan to acquire land. Understand the approval timeline and associated costs.
  • Due Diligence and Feasibility StudiesConduct thorough due diligence and feasibility studies before acquiring land. Assess factors such as market demand, infrastructure development, environmental concerns, and potential legal restrictions.
  • Exit Strategy: Develop a clear exit strategy. Lenders want to see how you plan to generate returns on the land investment. Whether it's through selling, subdividing, or developing, a solid exit plan enhances your ability to secure financing.