Land Subdivision

Land Subdivision
23 Mar 2023

Subdividing your home to build another townhouse can be a complex process that involves several steps. If you haven’t done it before and are starting new here is a general overview of the process:

  • Research local zoning laws and regulations: Before proceeding with the process, it’s important to research local zoning laws and regulations to ensure that the property is zoned for the type of development you want to undertake.
  • Consult with a town planning expert: A town planning expert can help you understand the regulations and requirements for the development, and can help you navigate the application process.
  • Conduct a survey and site analysis: A survey and site analysis will be required to determine the boundaries of the property and any potential issues that may affect the development.
  • Create a development plan: A development plan will be required, which will include detailed information about the proposed development, such as floor plans, elevations, and site plans.
  • Submit a development application: Once the development plan is complete, it will need to be submitted to the local council for approval.
  • Obtain all necessary approvals and permits: Once the development application has been approved, you will need to obtain all necessary approvals and permits for the development, such as building permits and engineering approvals.
  • Find a builder: Once you have all the necessary approvals, you will need to find a builder to undertake the construction of the new townhouse.
  • Register the new title: Once the new townhouse is built, the local council will need to register the new title and issue a certificate of occupancy.

Our team has worked with a number of clients over the years and delivered successful projects, so reach out to us today if you need guidance on the process.


Ronit Sethi

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