At WizWealth Finance, our expertise shines in navigating the intricate world of NDIS investment loans. While it may appear complex when discussed with someone inexperienced, we make it easy. We specialise in NDIS Home Loans, ensuring investors who are keen to assist individuals with disabilities can achieve their investment goals with confidence. Our seasoned brokers understand the unique challenges and intricacies of this process, making your journey smoother and fulfilling a meaningful cause along the way


What is NDIS?

In an effort to assist the numerous Australians who have disabilities, the Australian Government established the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This initiative allocates funds for a range of support services aimed at enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead ordinary lives. One of the key areas that the NDIS addresses is the provision of funding for specialist disability accommodation

Why Invest in NDIS?

Creating an NDIS investment property can offer advantages both to you and to Australians with disabilities. As NDIS participants, your tenants can enjoy residing in a specially designed, comfortable home that caters to their specific requirements. Meanwhile, as the investor, you can benefit from government-backed rental income.


Why WizWealth Finance for NDIS Investment Loans?

NDIS housing presents a unique investment opportunity that demands a deep understanding. Our team of experts has years of experience, specializing in niche lending for commercial, personal, and corporate borrowers. In recognition of the ethical and socially responsible aspect of NDIS investment properties, we are committed to delivering finely customized financial solutions for investors who are dedicated to offering a residence for NDIS participants