100% LVR for Owner Occupied Commercial Property

Are you a business owner looking to secure a stable future for your company? Perhaps you've considered owning your own premises, but misconceptions about the challenges of obtaining commercial loans have held you back. The truth is, the benefits of owning your business premises are substantial, and acquiring commercial property has never been easier. At WizWealth Finance, we dispel common myths and reveal the incredible opportunities that exist in the realm of commercial real estate. Our team of seasoned commercial brokers has a number of unique solutions to help you create a strong financial future. We have lenders that can offer 100% loan towards the purchase of an owner occupied commercial property.

Wealth Building

Owning your business premises is a significant step towards building wealth. Unlike leasing, where you pay rent that ultimately benefits the landlord, purchasing your commercial property allows you to invest in an asset that can appreciate over time. Property values tend to increase, providing you with an opportunity to build equity and secure a valuable financial asset.

Predictable Costs

One of the primary benefits of owning your business premises is predictable costs. When you own your property, you have control over your mortgage payments, which are often more stable than fluctuating rental rates. This predictability can help you manage your finances more effectively, especially in times of economic uncertainty

Greater Control

Owning your premises puts you in the driver's seat. You have the freedom to make changes or improvements to the property as needed, without seeking landlord approval. This flexibility can enhance your business operations and create a space tailored to your unique needs.