Private Funding

Mainstream lending is only for mainstream scenarios, life however can often provide an opportunity which requires creative solutions. We have a range of private lenders on our panel, who can help you grab those special investment opportunities through non-traditional lending, simply based on your exit strategy without requiring any income servicing. Speak to us today about your special scenario!

Investment Opportunity

Short term non-traditional funding for the investment options that mainstream lenders would not consider

ATO or GST Debt

Short-term financial solutions specifically tailored to assist businesses settle outstanding tax debt while they get their cashflow back on track.

Property Flip

Private Funding for renovators or property flippers looking for short term loans to execute a project

Urgent Property Settlement

Funding for urgent settlements once the main stream lenders say no. Quick approval process.

Land Banking

Private lending to settle large parcels of land which mainstream lenders may not accept as security


A private bridging loan to cover an interval between two transactions, typically the buying of one asset and the selling of another

Scenario - Private Funding for Renovations




Problem - Client looking for sale funding loan of $200k to fund renovation of a property prior to sale

Solution - The customer had a 1st mortgage, so provided a 2nd mortgage for a term of 6 months taking the total LVR to 60%

Exit/Outcome - Customer completed the renovations, made extra profit on the sale due to the enhancements in the property through private funding.



Problem - Client looking for funding to hold a large parcel of land for 2 years in the growth zone to get plans and permits approved. Land doesn't meet the acceptable security criteria for mainstream lenders and income documents not available

Solution - Provided 70% loan with interest capitalised from a private lender without requiring any income evidence

Exit/Outcome - Customer got the plans and permits approved from the council in 2 years, sold the block with a huge margin after 2 years and paid off the loan.

Scenario - Land Development

Scenario - Opportunistic Commercial Real Estate Aquisition




Problem - Client looking to  settle a commercial property available at a significantly reduced price due to seller's urgency. Traditional lenders required at least 4 weeks for loan approval and settlement which didn't fit the scenario

Solution - Secured private funding for the client within 1 week to secure the property swiftly. 

Exit/Outcome - After settling the property, the loan was refinanced with a major lender to hold the property for long run



Problem - An investor identifies an excellent investment property that is available at a discounted price due to a motivated seller. However, they currently have most of their capital tied up in another investment property. 

Solution - Private Funding organised for them in days to seize this opportunity. They secure a short-term private bridge loan against their existing property to quickly acquire the new one.

Exit/Outcome - Made extra profit on the sale of their existing property for not having to sell it desperately to acquire the new property.

Scenario - Bridging Loan for Purchasing a Property