Dedicated Mortgage Brokering Services for Self-employed


At WizWealth Finance we are focused on providing experience, passion and knowledge to help our clients. We pride ourselves on being self-employed mortgage specialist Australians can rely on for help when they are looking to buy a property or need funding for other ventures. We stand out from other businesses because of the commitment we offer as we absolutely love what we do

What do lenders look at to see your income?

Most standard lenders will want to look at past 2 year tax returns as their main way of deciding how stable you currently are, and whether that looks good for the future. Both traditional and non-traditional lenders are going to be concerned about large variances in the past two years, as stability is what they prefer. We understand how different lenders comprehend your finances and what they want does vary, which is why you need a specialist from WizWealth Finance – Mortgage Brokers for self-employed. How we approach the loan application makes a huge difference in the outcome and have number of historical references from businesses that were challenged through other people in the industry! All lenders see the self-employed as being riskier to lend, which is why there is a lot more experience and knowledge required to be successful.

How long do you need to be Self-Employed to get a Mortgage?

In most cases when you are looking for self-employed mortgage solutions you need to have been self-employed for at least two years. But of course, there are people who have only been self-employed for 6 months and need funds for further expansion or to fulfill their investment dreams. Our experts can help with that. We can focus on things that matter to some lenders such as consistent cash flow and previous experience in the industry for someone else before establishing

Becoming a Specialist Mortgage Broker for Self-Employed

In this country, it takes commitment, education and hard work to become a specialist mortgage broker we are. The best brokers not just help you get the funds you need, they are there to see you meet some really important goals and dreams. You could be buying a family home, or it could be starting a new business venture. Being a mortgage broker for self-employed Aussies is satisfying when we see our clients succeed. Brokers need to have a good understanding of business dynamics and the financials to be able to assist business owners. We have brokers who understand the needs of Australian businesses and have the required

Specialised Expertise for Self-Employed

WizWealth Finance for self-employed expertise lies in assisting individuals who seek to build wealth through property development, construction, and land subdivision. As experienced mortgage brokers, we possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in financing these ventures, allowing us to offer tailored solutions that align with our clients’ objectives. We have comprehensive knowledge of lending options, regulatory requirements, and market trends, enabling us to guide our clients through complex processes, optimise financial strategies, and minimize risks. Leveraging our industry connections and negotiation skills, we secure competitive loan terms, favorable interest rates, and flexible repayment structures. Ultimately, our guidance empowers our clients to make informed decisions, unlocking the potential for wealth creation in the realm of property development

Ask about low doc loans

Low doc loans are exactly that, a loan where you do need lesser evidence of income compared to a normal self-employed loan. Talk with us about these self-employed mortgage solutions. We can help you through the process. We also have solutions that don’t require any evidence of income and are still within the industry compliance standards. We also ensure you get the most competitive interest rate in the given scenario.