WizWealth Finance has over a decade of experience in SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund) loans. Our team stands as a trusted partner in helping individuals secure their financial future. We excel in SMSF , prioritising compliance and offer a streamlined process. Our experts possess an in-depth understanding of the intricate regulations governing SMSF, ensuring that every step is meticulously executed in accordance with the law. From initial consultation to loan approval, we guide you through a hassle-free process, offering tailored lending solutions. Partner with us to unlock the potential of your SMSF while resting assured that your investments are fully compliant. Below are the key areas we can assist with when you are looking to buy a property in SMSF.

We have expertise in all sorts of SMSF loans, including commercial, residential. You can also checkout special scenarios where we can assist with a joint venture based on SMSF loans for a group of 12. There are special niche lenders that can cater for such scenarios. Get in touch with us today for any unique projects. We have access to number of SMSF loans to fit your specific scenario.

If you have checked the ATO website ( and find it overwhelming to comprehend all the information, don't worry! Our team of experts will simplify the process for you. From experience, we know what are the key areas to be mindful of during the process. There is going to be certainly a lot to learn during the process but our team loves to share the knowledge to make you self sufficient in the decision making process.

Get in touch with us today and our team will ensure you have a smooth SMSF investment journey.

SMSF Loans