SMSF Refinance

Make your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) work smarter by ensuring it has the best possible interest rate. Number of mainstream lenders have moved out of the SMSF space and are still charging high rates for their existing clients, which is impacting the performance of the client's SMSF. Our team specialises in finding the best rates for a SMSF Refinance, making your retirement savings go further. With the extra savings, you can explore new opportunities to grow your SMSF. Let us guide you through the SMSF Refinance process and make your SMSF financially stronger. Start saving today – consider a SMSF refinance for a better and cheaper interest rate! We have a pool of SMSF home loan lenders to get you the best deal.

Why Refinance your SMSF loan?

Listed below are some of the common reasons why investors refinance their SMSF?

  • Cheaper interest rates - There are number of newer niche players in the SMSF lending space that are offering competitive rates and lower fees. Investors who are stuck with the expensive traditional lenders can save huge amounts of interest by refinancing with the new SMSF lenders in Australian market.
  • Improved loan terms - Refinancing can assist you in reducing the monthly repayment by getting better loan terms and lower fees.
  • Improve cashflow - If you are looking to make further investments in the SMSF, lower rates and longer terms can reduce your existing loan repayments to improve borrowing capacity for other investments to grow the portfolio further

Why WizWealth Finance for SMSF Refinance?

A simple conversation with a SMSF loan specialist at WizWealth Finance may boost your SMSF by hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you refinance your SMSF property loan with WizWealth Finance, you could save up to 2% on interest every year. For example, on a $500,000 loan, that's $10,000 saved annually.

What's the impact? Adding an extra $10,000 each year could mean $100,000 to $200,000 more in your SMSF account. All because you took the initiative to discuss your SMSF loan options with WizWealth Finance

Imagine having an additional $100,000 in retirement – it's a great opportunity. Starting is easy – just have a quick chat with us. Check if you qualify by requesting a free 30-minute SMSF finance session with a WizWealth SMSF expert. Our expertise includes SMSF home loans for residential property and SMSF Loans for commercial from the leading SMSF lenders in Australia.