Highly recommend WizWealth Finance to anyone getting into the property market, whether it’s your first home or your investment property. I had almost given up after speaking to the banks directly as it all looked too hard and complicated, but when I spoke to these guys it all looked too simple the way they explained it. Thanks again for your WizWealth!

I met WizWealth representative after speaking to two other brokers who weren’t too positive about my scenario. I had almost lost hope of buying a house until I spoke to these guys who were very knowledgeable and helped me find a lender that would lend in my scenario. Highly recommend them!

Buying your first property can be a daunting process with so many unknowns. The Wizwealth guys were amazing in the level of support they offered us and their response times. We not only got the best interest rate but also great understanding of how the process works, which makes us lot more comfortable to buy the next property. Thanks guys, wish you all the best !

Very satisfying and seamless experience with proper guidance and support at every stage of the process, to explore all possible options as per our needs. Well done WizWealth team!

Right from beginning to end of the engagement, WizWealth team was amazing. They were keeping me and my partner informed all the way through and letting us know what all we needed to provide, to keep the process smooth. Also, dealing with one loan specialist, who looked after from getting our loan approved till settlement was great.
Thank you and looking forward to working with you in our future engagements. I would not hesitate to recommend WizWealth to anyone known or unknown.

Buying your first home can be really tiring experience as it takes a lot of time to find the right property. WizWealth team was extremely patient when we took almost a year to find our dream house. They were very also helpful by sharing their experience while we were negotiating our construction contract with the builder and got us a great deal on the home loan. I will recommend them to everyone. Keep up the good work WizWealth Finance.

I would highly recommend WizWealth Finance to everyone who is looking for a trustworthy partner to work with and help you while you build and grow your property portfolio. They know their stuff and are very professional. Highly recommended.

We had an outstanding experience with the WizWealth team. Highly professional and knowledgeable. They not only saved us time as were up to date with special pricing from different lenders, but also guided us throughout the process and made the loan application process extremely smooth.

We went with the WizWealth team after speaking to a few brokers and while there are plenty of brokers out in the market, only a few actually understand how banks work and have the capability to compare the lenders based on their policies. I use to only look at interest rates but after the workshop with WizWealth team I found out there is so many other factors one should consider before selecting a lender. WizWealth Finance introduced us to a niche lender with rates cheaper than all major banks and helped us secure a new investment property, which probably wouldn’t have been possible if we stayed with a major bank.

Thank you WizWealth team for your support and dedication in helping me with my recent property purchase. The information you provided me in the workshop was immensely helpful and I look forward to buying my next property through you guys shortly.